Barebone Skeletons

are the backbone of our production (pun intended).

The idea is, that, while there are many producers out there making fine and stylish skeletons with detailed skulls and arms, the ribcages are still solid blocks and the pelvis and legs look like made from elephant bone. In fact,they are just as thick as those of figures of heavy mercenaries, with all flesh and clothes.
But most annoying are the solid ribcages, on wich the ribs are merely sculpted in relief.

Our Skeletons have a complete hollow ribcage with real, separate ribs!
You can see through our skeletons!

Our Barebone Skeletons are just the basic skeleton torso, without arms or heads, but with nice, "bony" legs, and our trademark "real" ribcage.
Customers can add to this skulls and arms from other producers and so get nice, realistic skeletons for an affordable price, and, moreover, benefit from the great variety of pieces the market has to offer.

The picture to the right shows the Barebone Skeletons combined with arms and Skulls from a leading British manufacturer (click to enlarge).
As of now, we can offer the Barebone Skeletons in three poses:
Standing at attention, combat stance, and "dramatic" pose.
Interested? See them at the shop!

Because of the production process as computer aided 3D printouts, the Barebone Skeletons are made of slightly flexible plastic.
This also means that, when stressed, the legs will bend to a degree, not snap. Legs made of the usual hard plastic in this delicate thicknes would break under normal gaming conditions.
Nevertheless single ribs may sometimes break when brush painted. Normally, this is not a problem, but only adds to the "rotten" look (but we still wanted to let you know). The material has a somewhat "rough" surface. You can see this very well on the photos in the shop. It takes acrylic paint extremely well, pracically soaking it. Basecoating is not needed.